Rural Pennsylvania is where I was born and raised. Living with the woods as a backyard playground I became captivated with the natural world. Within the ebb and flow of life with the seasons I developed a preoccupation with animals, both domesticated and wild.

My dream was always to become a veterinarian. To prepare myself for this challenge I sought opportunities to work closely with animals. Internships and practical field experience allowed for exemplary observation and contact as I became familiar with the widest variety of animal kind. However, after completing my B.S. undergraduate in Equine Science and Life Science at Otterbein University, OH I recognized that my path did not feel as clear.

After settling in the Pacific Northwest, a visit to a Nature Center with taxidermy dioramas sparked the child within me to recall the initial curiosity with nature. From this, I began a new path for myself. I attended the Advanced Taxidermy Training Center of Thompson Falls, MT and am a volunteer in the Ornithology department of the Burke Museum.

I am excited to share my passion for animals and science. I look forward to meeting you,

Elizabeth Putnam